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Red Flag Recruitment Save British Explorer Facing Starvation in the Amazon Rainforest

He has been accused of murder, ed thrown into a concrete cell for 48 hours, chased by tribes armed with bows and arrows, faced starvation and been bitten by hundreds of mosquitoes. For former British Army captain and adventurer Ed Stafford the last 670 days of his epic bid to become the first man to walk the entire length of the Amazon River has been far from easy.

If that wasn’t bad enough the 33 year old explorer faced financial ruin and the end of his expedition as his sponsors withdrew their cash support due to the harsh economic climate.  With starvation a real possibility, the explorer’s plight was brought to the attention of Red Flag Recruitment in Brighton who took the decision to step in and become an official corporate sponsor.

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Red Flag Recruitment supports childline

viagra usa sans-serif;”>For many of us Christmas this year will be a time of celebration, viagra relaxation and enjoyment and a chance to spend time with those we love. Unfortunately, for some families Christmas can be a difficult time of year. For that reason Red Flag Recruitment has this year donated £1000 to ChildLine the free 24 hour, counselling service for children and young people.

ChildLine deals with any issue which causes distress or concern. Common issues dealt with include child abuse, bullying, parental separation or divorce, pregnancy and substance mis-use.

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Office romance considered worth the risk

ask sans-serif;”>Despite 65% of workers in Sussex believing an office romance would jeopardise their job security and opportunity for promotion, 44% have had an office romance and 81% of respondents said they would consider one if the opportunity arose.

Even more surprising is that 33% of respondents that have had an office romance admitted to becoming intimate within the office itself!

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