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How Do You Beat the Recruitment Competition?

Many of our clients tell us about their recruitment competitors in the local market.  Usually in hushed tones we are told how these “industry leaders” offer salaries and benefits beyond our wildest dreams; big salaries – yes, check competitive bonus structure – check, flexible working hours – always, Grizzly Bear wrestling on Thursdays – yep, naked Fridays – probably….

Maybe they are offering all of this and even more…but it doesn’t mean the competition for attracting talent is about to be as one-sided an affair as when Real Madrid pick-up the phone saying they want you to play up front.  In fact, if you play it smart you can leave the big boys trailing in your wake with a bloody nose wondering how you keep doing it.

In business, if you are scared by the competition you should have probably not even started the journey.  Of course you are respectful and mindful of what others can and do achieve, but never scared.  Recruitment is exactly the same and you do not need to be the equivalent of Real Madrid to tap into the best talent – but you do need know what your strengths are and how you use them.

Firstly – Be different….when it comes to your product or service I bet you position yourself as having unique selling points….you are less expensive, you are of a higher quality, you specialise in a niche field.   Exactly the same when selling your company to the jobs market.  You offer better career progression, you are more fun to work for, your commission structure is highly rewarding, you are an award winning company.  The list goes on….but be prepared to back it up and prove it because real talent will see through half-hearted promises.

Secondly – Small is beautiful….yes, you may be smaller than the global, multinational, blue chip money printing machine sat five minutes down the road.  But being smaller than your competitor is not a weakness.  It really is a strength to highlight.  A new employee can make a massive difference day-to-day, they help shape a company culture not just experience it.  The opportunity for career progression, for learning on the job and for actually developing yourself can be smaller with a small company.

Finally – Move quickly!  If you can move quickly and with flexibility then you leave the competition stranded.  Too often large companies have an elongated, bloated recruitment process which requires several decision makers to sign-off on one hire.  Do not mistake speed with being reckless – a bad hire can be costly.  But if you can demonstrate agility and flexibility through your recruitment procedures you can have the best talent sat under your roof.

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